This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Bernard Kelly. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2006.

What little can be found on the web and from the non-existent accompanying biog, explains that Bernard Kelly are actually a 4-piece rather than a single entity. With a healthy pinch of scepticism the story goes that the band are named after the street-wandering Ilkley millionaire of the same name, who apparently also supplies all their lyrics for them. It’s remarkable that the lyrics of a grown up eccentric should bare such similar traits to those of a naïve teen with all the poetic abilities of Jodie Marsh. If the court would turn to the evidence collected from “Back Around (Poptastic)“ - “We slip in to the ocean and I need a potion to bring me back around” ... yes that is “potion” versus “ocean”. Guilty as charged your honour. The band adopt the pre-requisite LA accents courtesy of too many hours watching The OC and then stomp on the EMO pedal and somewhere in the world another Indie kid dies. Of the 3 songs on offer the strongest is chugga chugga mush ballad “What We Had”. The benefit of this being a live recording means you to can also enjoy the singer asking the audience to get their lighters out. “Back Around (Poptastic)” is unmemorable and too long while “Make A Move” is purely unmemorable. Despite a world already saturated with EMO bands they still keep coming and maybe that is just cause there will always be teenage boys and teenage girls and teenage troubles which will really be the main concern of... yes you guessed it... teenagers.