This is a review of "The Announcement EP" recorded by The Printed Sound. The review was written by Nick Kearns in 2006.

These days the term “Indie-rock” is enough to strike fear into the heart of even the most hardened, weathered hack. Conjuring up images of parka-wearing, acne-blighted youth earnestly blasting out three-chord monotone dirge, one can be almost forgiven for assuming an overly-cynical ear when coming upon bands of this ilk, and awaiting said bands aural output with all the zealousness one usually reserves for the latest incarnation of Shed-Artic-Arse-Sailors currently clogging up the nations airwaves.

Ye gods, that was a bit negative wasn’t it?

Anyway, back to the matter at hand- specifically, The Printed Sound. Indie-Rock? Certainly. But Indie Rock the way it should be played- with structure, intelligence, melody and ambition.

Opener “The Announcement” is a bona-fide classic, with leaping guitar passages and stop-start rhythms leading into a chorus that doesn’t so much as soar as launch itself straight into the stratosphere. “Arial” follows in a similar vein, with vocal gymnastics and crashing hi-hats aplenty. Anthemic rock music whose immediate catchiness belies the succinct and very strong production values contained within.

“Found A Love” is a chiming, layered U-2 style grower, and the EP finishes with the subdued acoustic number “Lips”. The only real quibbles I have here is that all of the songs clock in at under three minutes- maybe next time a few longer numbers would be able to show The Printed Sound’s ability to develop songs and showcase their collective talents more. And yes, the overall sound is very “now”- there must be a lot of other bands in Leeds and around the country making music of a similar blueprint, but Hey! It’s the songs that count isn’t it? And these stellar young chaps have songs with balls of big steel, so don’t doubt that they are another one of the faceless fashionistas more interested in looking pale and interesting than making good music.

“The Announcement EP” should no doubt aid The Printed Sound’s fan base and consolidate their position as ones to keep an eye out for on the local (and maybe national?) music scene. Get involved.