This is a review of "s/t" recorded by Quack Quack. The review was written by James Kent in 2006.

Great name, lovely looking art work - but what does it sound like?

The Quacks are a minimal three-piece - just a bass, drums and keyboards; but each is essential in adding texture and colour to this brief CD.

The bass provides a solid foundation upon which all the songs are built, while also providing rewarding melodic interplay with the keyboards. It is the keys which provide greatest colour to the record, from simple single note lines and stabbing tones to squelchy effects and full on Eno-mania. The drums are predictably magnificent (from that Bilge Pump guy) restlessly inventive, urgent and varied without ever being grandstanding.

It is a short 5-song, 20 minute listen, which is just right. It sounds very much like QQ are playing away in your room, such is the quality of the recording and production. It also sounds very much unlike any other band in Leeds at present - being a fine fusion of jazzy-electro-kraut-pop.