This is an archive of the band profile for Quack Quack.

This three piece instrumental, instrument swapping band was formed in Spring 2005. Drummer, Neil Turpin, also mans the kit for Bilge Pump and Polaris and has done a stint in HiM alongside Doug Scharin. Richard Morris plays in Manchester band, I Had An Inkling as well as working with bassist, Stuart Bannister, to form the respectable live sound engineering team, voted No.1 at Leeds Music Awards 2005.

Richard’s wailing Turkish keyboards provide the tunes that you will be humming days later. The sound is filled out by Stuart’s warm, belly rubbing bass, while Neil’s musical drums remain deep in the pocket and expertly guide the songs safely home.

The music of Quack Quack isn’t easy to categorize, but take a shared spirit of improvisation and a healthy disregard for well trodden musical paths and you’re moving in the right direction. Like the great rhythm sections of James Brown, Africa 70, CAN and Led Zeppelin, Quack Quack operate right next to your heartbeat and your footsteps. They understand the importance of rhythm and use it to get the good chemicals flowing. This is music for dancing and smiling.

Quack Quack have played a superabundance of gigs, sharing the stage with many great bands including, Hella, E.A.R, Pit er Pat, Scout Niblet and Lords. All three, individually, continue to contribute to the Damo Suzuki Network. Their first CD was played by Radio 1 DJ, Huw Stephens, and the band performed a live radio session for Resonance FM..