This is a review of "The Mourning After EP" recorded by Seven Story Mourning. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2006.

For a band that are described as “Sleazecore Metal”, there are a surprising amount of Indie Rock influences at work. At times it makes for an odd combination on this 3 song CD. It’s like listening to a heavy Placebo in parts, due in the main to the similarities between Dom Barker's voice and that of Brian Molko, however the latter tends to refrain from growling out his chorus lines like Satan’s dog. Ironically as the most defining characteristic of what the band is trying to achieve, it’s these deliberate breaks from melody that provide the weakest moments. Musically the band lurch from Neds Atomic Dustbin Indie-rock shuffles to metal-core break downs, which is either going to appeal to a previously ignored class of music listener or confuse and annoy the purists in both camps. Ultimately though the songs are what counts and none of the three particularly shine. Opener “The Good Life” motors along at a fair pace but never really hooks, while “Breathe” starts well before getting lost in some adrenalin fuelled but ill fitting guitar breaks. Closer “Yesterday In Mind” tries exactly the same with a laboured stop start metal break and sadly falls at the same hurdle. The confused sound will sort itself out and hopefully time will also have an equivalent benefit for the songs themselves.