This is a review of "The Panda and Piano EP" recorded by Colin Mounsey. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2006.

Colin Mounsey is clearly undaunted by challenging trends and preconceived ideas about what songs should and shouldn’t reside together on a record. The Panda and Piano EP lives in its own diversity embracing micro-climate housing everything from Americana to Brit-pop, Elton John to The Flaming Lips, Ben Folds to The Mull Historical Society, Radiohead to Bruce Springstein. Despite such contradictory styles on paper, they live harmoniously side by side in two minute symphonies that as a collective whole define Mounsey’s sound. A sound held together by a dynamic voice which at times sounds like Thom Yorke singing bar room jazz and blues, while at others affecting a Texas twang to lend an air of pseudo authenticity to Country jaunts. Disregarding the intro and outro tracks, of the 7 songs proper there quite literally is something for all the family. The Mountain with its deep south drawl and “Love is the only answer” gospel chorus, the stark piano versus vocal of Somebody, the pop tones of Everyone Said Goodbye and the acoustic Kid A-alike St. Elizabeth, all stand up impressively to be counted. Mounsey is inventive and talented and the sooner he puts more endangered mammals with instruments the better.