This is a review of "Driven By Loss" recorded by Buzzkill. The review was written by Nick Kearns in 2006.

Buzzkill seem to have been doing the rounds in and around Leeds for some time now; whenever their name crops up I instinctively associate them with other similar(ish) sounding bands of Leeds past such as Chopper and Joe90. However a quick butchers at their biography reveals that they formed at the start of the millennium - a fair few years after both the aforementioned bands had split up. But anyway, I digress; the matter at hand is that the shower of local tykes known as Buzzkill have recently released a new album - “Driven By Loss” to be precise. And a bit of a bobby dazzler it is too - as some eighties band (probably) once said, lets start at the start shall we?

“Once a Liar” is a good choice for an opener as it pretty much sets the scene for what’s to come- pissed off, bile-propelled vocals? Check. Juggernaut-sized riffs that hurl themselves around like Dawn French after you‘ve told her you’ve munched her secret stash of Chocolate Oranges? Check. Trumpets? Trumpets! Hooray! Check. And Sax? Mmmm, check. Perhaps most importantly Buzzkill write choruses like they were supposed to be written- loud, rambunctious, impassioned and catchy. “Broken Picture” certainly has one such chorus, which sounds like Godzilla being hit in the knackers with a hammer. Good stuff.

Buzzkill seem to have a knack of being compared to Rocket From the Crypt, and although this has probably more to do with the two bands having brass instruments in their ranks you can hear elements of RFTC in the Buzzkill sound. Other bands that come to mind are The Dead Pets ( more for the vocals and guitars), Goldblade and The Clash. Listeners familiar with the bands earlier recorded output will probably notice that “Driven By Loss” is slightly more heavier and almost rawer than older material on “Double Down” such as the schizoid driven two-minute “Heartbreak Inferno”.

Definitely worth a listen for anyone whose a fan of highly-charged, fiery punk music, and if you get a chance to see them live do it - Buzzkill do exactly what it says they do on the tin.