This is a review of "More" recorded by YSN. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2006.

It would appear YSN are now just YSN, and if you didn’t know what it stood for before you now never will. Having signed to Wrath, this is their first release proper and what better way to start than with a whopping 7 inches soaked in 80’s synth-pop and catchier than plague of bird flu. More is a song out of time, desperately crying out for a St Elmo’s Fire title sequence featuring mullet ridden guys in their dads sports cars, racing to school through sun-lit American suburbs. If this had been on Top of The Pops in 1983 you’d have wet your moleskin jeans in a single shot of excitement. Your rolled up jacket cuffs would have come undone as you motored down to Our Price to hunt it out on cassette single. But does that mean it can’t be loved now? That it can’t be taken to your bedroom for a private moment of nostalgia with a pair of luminescent towelling socks? Of course it doesn’t. Songs this good stand the test of time and Pete Wurlitzer is begging to be loved with his crooning Noel Coward vocals. Think Talking Heads style, Orange Juice melody, Hoddle and Waddle nonsense pop and tongue in cheek lyrics straight from 2006...can you go wrong?