This is an archive of the band profile for The Seventy Sevens.

It all started out about a year ago, when Sam realised he could sing, and that he couldn't really play drums all that well. Brad was drafted in to provide the (exceptional) beats and the seventy sevens were born. The early days comprised of covers by the Strokes, Metallica, RATM, Muse and Foo Fighters. Soon the band began to write their own songs, which combined tastes that range from hip hop to prog metal right through dance and indie. The outcome is, the The Seventy Sevens.

With their first gig in November 2004 in Leeds the band have been gigging throughout Yorkshire whilst making good connections across the region and really enjoying being a part of the local music scene, playing with amazing bands such as 65daysofstatic, Buen Chico, The Kenst, The Pigeon Detectives and our good friends Seven Acres (RIP).

In the summer of 2005, with the help of Huddersfield music scene 'God', Stevo, The Seventy Sevens recorded a two track demo with The Cure producer Steve Whitfield and were subsequently asked to play at Clarence Park Music Festival in Wakefield.

Recently the band has been playing farther afield, in places such as York and Beverley and with increasing attention from promoters/recording companies the band wish to make a big push in 2006. New songs are being written, new exciting directions are being taken, and we are soon returning to the studio, and currently putting together a busy schedule of gigging across the country in the coming months..