This is an archive of the band profile for Plasticine.

Stephen Fox - vocals, guitar, piano
Dayle Coe - guitar
Jason Ripley - bass
Matthew Roberts - drums

Stephen Fox, Jason Ripley and Matt Roberts have played music together since their school days in the late eighties. It was no surprise therefore when they put together the band Plasticine in 1997, recording the album Renewal with the help of guitarist Dayle Coe who soon joined the band following successful gigs and reviews from press and radio stations.

Management was taken on by David Arden, the former co-manager (with his father Don Arden) of ELO and Black Sabbath. After considerable success and two more releases the band took time out to get married, have children and work on other projects. Summer 2004 saw the band sign to an independent label Cori Records, and the album "The man who makes volcanoes" was written and recorded over the following year.

Its release marks the return of the energetic and eclectic Plasticine who have taken on a new and exciting phase in their evolution..