This is a review of "No Need To Fight" recorded by Spitfire Charlie. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2006.

While others have come and gone, Spitfire Charlie have inauspiciously established themselves as a recognisable fixture on the Leeds scene. The former students' numerous demo releases have charted a band learning their craft and now with a spin from Steve Lamacq under their belts, all the signs point to a recipe that is starting to taste just right. Gone are the more blues led influences, replaced by spiky hi-hat work and choppy guitars. “No Need to Fight” sounds like a Mod-Coral and though it lacks a real pay-attention chorus, it drives along splendidly with some great guitar and bass work. John Roberts’ excellent gravely vocals are now more fitting and the Led-Zep comparisons of the past seem like a distant memory. “Let’s See What It Will Bring” is more of the same with stuttering, spluttering drums and a bass line that jerks about like a disco dancing dad, which of course is a good thing! In this kind of form, two songs is barely enough, but if you wait a week or two there usually seems to be another release on the way.