This is an archive of the band profile for Sergeant Lewis.

Founded in the summer of '05, Sergeant Lewis (or 'Roger Rowley') was 'an acoustic guitar-wielding singer backed by light drums & violin' with drummer Joe Whittington and violinist Simon Barr (of Daghdha) originally completing the three-piece. Setting off with little expectation; I wrote quirky, poppy numbers with the belief that people are less likely to slag off a good melody or a set of songs that at least all sound different! Which, to be honest, is something you don't find often in a world of amateur bands all striving desperately to carve out a generic 'sound'.

As Si left for uni, we needed a replacement. Rowena Mitchell, firmly lodged at the forefront of the classical youth world, was unable to see herself in 'a band' without some persuasion. But with a rapidly impending support slot for Mark Morriss of the Bluetones; we plied her with alcohol, a few chords, and coaxed her into some form of allegience.

After recording our debut EP 'Amateur Dramatics' at The Grain Division, Dirty Uni has once again taken it's toll on our lineup. Biology-studying Rowena is due to be replaced, luckily, by Caz Vale- who has in turn introduced us to bassist Joe Kusionowicz. Looks like a band to me!

Previously, we haven't aspired to deafen you- offering what we feel are well-written and varied pop/rock songs with a nod towards the more obscure. But now we're plugging guitars in, who knows what could happen.

Irrelevant, albeit flattering as comparisons are, I don't mind admitting to inevitable influences such as these: The Levellers, The Bluetones, Ben Folds, Elliott Smith, The Cure, The Coral, The Shins, Easyworld, Beautiful South… is it uncool to have this many influences, yet so little idea of what category we actually fit? While traces of Britpop, Indie, Folk and Prog. Rock are all expressed, perhaps we do genuinely deserve that Omnipotent label of *gasp* 'Alternative'....