This is an archive of the band profile for Hardly A Hero.

There is quite a story to tell about how it is Hardly A Hero came to be all we are you see before you. It started simple enough, four kids who loved new school Punk (Peasey loving old school more mind) and had the dream of playing a gig.

Back then, none of us had played an instrument and in some cases, not met one another for years! Peasey discovered the world of Ralph Thorsby socialising through an ex and made lasting friendships despite splitting with the aforementioned girlfriend.

Kyle met a decidedly wasted Peasey at a party at a mutual friends (not RT related) and got talking, formed the band there and then. Skyline 96 never got off the ground, which is around when Jay ran into Peasey at a RT party. Again drunken talks were had, Sean was introduced and a band was made.

Million+1 was born. Who I hear you cry? The name was gay so it changed to Under The Influence, which appealed as the majority of the band were total pissheads. UTI pushed hard and did Peasey's 1st Annual Birthday Gig, but folded afterwards.

All the hard work went to waste, until the band pulled itself around and found Matt Miller (Warning?!-Achtung?! frontman) who made the band re-invent itself and move as far away from the Babyshambles-like poorly put togetherness of UTI. Miller unfortunately couldn't keep up with two bands and uni, and after one ill-fated gig left.

This all leads to now. Bozzy was found sniffing around on Leeds Music Scene for a band and Peasey got in touch. The band eventually got together, enjoyed each other's company and admired the sound they made together. The band currently practices one to two times a week and is about to immerse themselves in some serious studio time and gig related adventures, so keep your eyes here for info on gigs, the upcoming site and to eventually hear the outcome of the studio time!.