This is an archive of the band profile for 7 Hertz.

We Improvise! That's what we do. We make tunes inside which to improvise, or just start from nothing. We've got a wide variety of influences, because we're all from different musical backgrounds - contemporary classical, folk, jazz, free improv, punk and just plain odd - but we find mutual ground through listening to each other, and making it up as we go along.

We started playing together 2 years ago, and we're making progress. So far just a few recordings (that you can listen to here) and some gigs. We've made it as far as Newcastle, Oxford and Hull, amongst others. But we intend to go further. Like to Slovenia. We're on tour around the UK for 3 weeks in October 2006 - come see/hear us!

We've done soundtracks to a couple of films, and are very eager to do more, so if you've made a film that needs music... Also, we love doing gigs. Ask us and we will come!.