This is an archive of the band profile for An Invitation To An Accident.

Well lets start with a bit of history, this band came about after singer / guitarist / songwriter Mat played in too many bands that broke up so he decided to do some acoustic shows on his own, because he couldn't break up from himself. Then one day he decided lets give this a go one stage further as a band, so then he recruited Dan, Ian and Justin over the Internet (it's amazing what you can do these days) and they practiced.

An Invitation To An Accident was then born and up to now we have played a couple more than a couplefof gigs in our short existance, with bands such as Best Of Enemies, Above Them, Chucky No Stars, The Machines Will Take Over and we are constantly writing new material. We've recorded a five track demo, two of which tracks are avaliable online, we will be recording and releasing our debut ep before the summer which will include demo songs and acoustic versions.

We play Rock Music in the vain of the Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, Spitalfield, Hey Mercedes, Hot Water Music, Cave In amongst others..