This is an archive of the band profile for The Guests.

The Guests are a four piece indie/rock band from Leeds with a passion for music. Combining an eclectic mix of rock, indie and pop, The Guests set out to create a diverse sound to the current music scene. Made up of four 19 year olds, the band portays their youthful energy and charisma with their unique stage presence. A guitar driven sound with complex bass riffs are held together with tight drumming. Not scared to blow the crowd away, The Guests are as much as a visual act as a band you could listen to on the car stereo. Catering for many peoples musical tastes, not one of The Guests tracks are the same. Powerful vocal lines with melodic harmonies create the sing-a-long anthems that will get those feet tapping.

The Guests, originating from a Friday night hobby project have progressed into a band with strong crowd following and regular gig appearances with winners of the prestigious Keele University Battle of the Bands 2005. Playing with signed bands such as Editors and The Departure, has given them the experence needed to become the professional act they always set out to become. Worldwide famous DJ Scott Mills said of The Guests to be "well worth seeing for a fantastic time". The Guests are proud to be part of the music scene today but sense the gap in the market to become a huge success..