This is a review of "Pine / I Just Froze" recorded by Decoration. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2006.

Despite the glorious critical response to last year's long playing debut “Don’t Disappoint Me Now”, Decoration undeservingly remain very much a band worshipped by only a select few. Even though that select few includes the long list of pretenders to the Peel crown in whose court they first found favour. “Pine” was an absolute delight as a demo before signing to SL Records and now it is as much of a pleasure again as a proper single. An everyday tale of love blossoming in a garden centre, it says “pah” and “pish” to the Artic Monkeys hype-mobile proving clever lyrics were around long before those lads came along. “I Just Froze” is a straight up Christmas song, but sadly it won’t be destined for any festive compilations, as they may actually worth listening to if they contained this breed of sparkling Indie-guitars. Extra b-side “See You in the New Year” takes a darker look at the festive season building a cutting number around a droning Hammond and tortured guitar. Don’t disappoint yourself by missing out on Decoration.