This is an archive of the band profile for The Labels.

The Labels were born on a cold, boozy night in the November 2003 when Sam, Ves and Slee decided they were tired with what they were hearing on the local music scene and so decided to form a band. They slowly started to write their own songs, but something was missing, a drummer! They searched the four corners of the earth looking for somebody who could add that extra dimension to their tracks. With that in mind they asked long time friend Lizzy Kay to slap the skins for them. From that moment on the 4 friends knew they had something special. Going from strength to strength they embarked on their first gigs which went down... ahem...not as well as they had hoped. September 2004 came around and all their gear got stolen, never to be recovered. They decided to have a break, and so went their separate ways. During December of the same year they played a comeback show in Wakefield which went down well enough to be asked to play a secret gig sharing the bill with The Cribs. This gave them the spark they needed and so got down to practising again. With new songs and a new impetus they were asked to play a Battle of the Bands which they went on to win and earn themselves a place headlining at Clarence Park festival. They Started playing gigs across Leeds slowly building up a fanbase and reputation for a energetic, entertaining and enthusiastic live show. They also went on to play along side bands such as Nine Black Alps, Arctic Monkeys and The Kooks. A year after their gear was stolen, something they were all dreading finally took place, Liz left The Labels to go to uni in Lincoln. So the search was on to find a drummer who could fill the great void left by Liz. This time though they had a plan. They asked another long time friend and former guitarist with Merry-go, Jonny Booth if he'd be interested and he was. So with a full line-up again, and gigs planned, and a tour in the pipeline, they will carry on making this music we all know and love..