This is an archive of the band profile for The Minor Fall.

The Minor Fall are Jenn, Niall, Jama and Stu.

The Minor Fall formed in June of 2004 after many drinks with friends and lingering maudlin conversations about how great everything was in 1999. All four members of the band had been plying their trade in various other bands for a while, namely D-rail, And None of Them Knew They Were Robots, Laura Audio and Send More Paramedics, and the germ of an idea was born that the boys in the band wanted to do something more melodic, more influenced by the likes of Minus the Bear, Get Up Kids, Saves the Day and classic Deep Elm/Jade Tree, whilst singer Jenn wanted to try her hand at doing lead vocals for a change. And so, the band was born, practices came and went, songs were written and dropped, until their first show in September 2004 opening up the Bring it On! Fest in Leeds. Since then the band have gone on to play a variety of shows up and down the country, supporting bands such as Minus the Bear, the Statistics and the Paperbacks, whilst also headlining their own gigs in the process, and touting their 3-track demo to the public all to much acclaim.

And now they have got round to recording a 7-track mini-album that demonstrates the band finding their feet within their own style, ranging from upbeat 80s-influenced stompers such as the opening track It all comes down to this, to the more melancholic Mineral-esque Counting in Sixes. With shows lining up thick and fast, The Minor Fall are looking to consolidate their role in a movement that is putting upbeat, melodic punk rock back in venues, and interesting, creative post-hardcore back on peoples CD players..