This is a review of "Shoot For The Sky EP" recorded by Last Riot. The review was written by Joel Goldman in 2006.

Purple fiery dice adorn the front of the Shoot For the Sky E.P, suggesting a devil-may-care rock’n’roll attitude but there’s also a hint of glam sparkle about it which builds up the fear that Last Riot might be as camp as KISS. Thankfully, the sleeve notes and pictures show no hints of lipstick or face paint, and as far as I can tell you can’t yet take a dump using LAST RIOT™ bog roll or have your rock’n’roll remains snugly packed into a LAST RIOT™ made-to-measure coffin.

With first impressions out of the way it’s onto the high-adrenalin, solo-tastic, booze soaked rock’n’roll promised by the opening track ‘Thrill of the Chase’. Or so you’d think. For a song with a title which conjures up images of two crazed bikers racing each other to certain death over the edge of a cliff Thelma and Louise style, it just isn’t that fast at all. In fact put it next to another song with thrill in the title, say ‘Shoot to thrill’ by AC/DC, and ‘Thrill of the chase’ is about as fast as an asthmatic grandpa up to his knees in quicksand and with no hint of a Zimmer frame in sight.

It doesn’t get your heart pumping, never mind your fists - a complete contrast to the very next song which tears along with a great opening riff and pounding drum beat. This track would have been a much better opener, if not for the irony of the first tune being called ‘Nothing more to say’.

‘Just one Night’ is a bizarre tune. It’s another fast’n’furious, death-or-glory rock song but with a strange, misplaced melody. There’s no disguising the bum notes on bass - the worrying thing is that either no-one picked it up, or it was done on purpose. Either way, it just aint right.

‘Shoot For the sky’ follows the gambling theme of the E.P, with lyrics such as ‘Ace and a queen, king he demands, nothing to lose, shoot for the sky…’ It’s clichéd and the shouting during the chorus doesn’t convince, there’s a solo which would have impressed if only it was actually in the same key as the rest of the song and there’s a strange effect towards the end like a tape player running low on battery and slowing everything down.

Unfortunately, there’s no real saving grace for Last Riot, other than a good name. They can play their instruments fine but have no serious concept of staying in tune, none of which is helped by the poor production and the fact that that the singer A.D can’t actually sing. He snarls with gusto, but it grates after only one song. This could have been a great E.P, if only it wasn’t so fundamentally wrong.