This article was published in 2006.

The Dead Pets this week announced the release of their two albums ('The Revenge Of The Village Idiots' and 'Too Little Too Late') on the 10 Past 10 Records label, the first time the CDs will have been available other than at gigs. The Dead Pets have also started work on a new album to be produced by Joe Gittleman (formally of Mighty Mighty Bosstones) and due for release later this year.

To tie in with the long overdue release of these albums the band will be doing a session on the Radio 1 Lock Up show soon.

The Dead Pets are currently on tour in the US supporting Flogging Molly and will visit Japan shortly as well as appear on the US Warp Tour ... before deciding which major American punk label will release the new album (current frontrunners being Epitaph and Side One Dummy).

A 7" split single with Snuff is out soon.