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My name is Ugly Bloke from Wakefield. Influences are anything and everything, Take inspiration from life's little differences. viva la difference.

Its Me - A new start, a statement of “what I see is what you get”, of “I’m here to enjoy life whatever it gives or may throw at me, I’m still here whatever”.

Message Me - Calling you, answer me please! And that means you!!!!!!!! 07788654622 Double Dare ya!

All Change - The only time the past comes back to knock on the door, as it always does, a’int going there no way no how. Got the T-Shirt thanks

A’int Life Great - Passed on by sending a simple text message of “a’int life great” to anyone at anytime, because it bloody dam well is. So if you agree text someone. Go on Message me.

Not a Sad Song - Hell we all get sad, but get through it, then when you can you return the helping hand! !!! because no-one wants to hide away, life is too short.

Dawn Chorus - Simply the morning after.
L.U.T.I.Y. - Cant wait any longer, come with me and I will tell you how I feel and why.

Seen You Live - You’ve seen the one, waiting for the one to feel as you do, oh the wait.

Sunshine - Unlike him in the sky, I don't have to leave.

Its Me (Re-Mix) - As its says.

OK Man!!!! - Jus feeling good.

Fulldityride - Jump on and enjoy!!

Practice Run Mr President - Practised in the studio, imagine if they had got it wrong on the day?

Spaceman Walks and Talks– But where? .
In hour head, try it with headphones..