This is an archive of the band profile for Eden Drive.

Hailing from Leeds, Eden Drive were formed in the summer of 2009 and are a four piece consisting of Jim (Vocals, Guitar), Chris (Vocals, Guitar), Sam (Bass) and P.J (Drums).

Inspired by the heady sounds of The La's, Oasis, The Hollies, The Coral and The Stones, Eden Drive are bringing their music to the masses. This can be heard on the infectiously catchy 'Voyeur' which is clear evidence of the scale of Eden's ambitions. And that's just the beginning.

Let's be clear this is no nostalgia trip and certainly no Britpop revivalist troop, this is rootsy rock n roll at its most refined, and what else would you expect from a band who have learned their trade in local venues that have propelled the talents of The Cribs and Wild Beasts.

Through a series of incendiary live shows supporting local acts the band now continue to build a burgeoning fan base and their time is only round the corner.

In the winter of 2010 the band recorded the DIY 4 track EP 'Off The Cuff', and with an expanding portfolio of songs leaning towards the post punk and almost progressive at times, the band are now in the tantalising position of presenting these songs to the public in the only way they know how.

Eden Drive are currently unsigned and in pursuit of a record label in order to back up the strength of new single '42- forty-two'. And can be seen all across the UK this summer. Come witness the new sound of the British underground.

Eden Drive are ready to shake things up. Are you?.