This article was published in 2006.

Leeds has had music competitions and Leeds has had film competitions. 20/20/2 Vision is the first of its kind to combine the two as it gives 20 film makers and 20 bands the novel opportunity to make 20 music videos under the supervision and mentoring from industry experts. And just to make things interesting ... they only have 2 weeks to make the videos!

Joel McKay of the 20/20/2 Vision team says, “There’s so much film making and musical talent in the region but unfortunately these two sectors aren’t really talking, and sadly, it’s to their detriment. Both are directly linked and both can add to each other's dynamics. We just love the opportunity to fuel a vehicle to make this happen”.

20/20/2 Vision is currently seeking West Yorkshire based bands and filmmakers to enter this unique competition for the chance to showcase their talents and to soak up advice and skills from peers and industry experts.

The event will be launched at the Faversham on 3rd April after which competitors will have two weeks to produce a music video with the aid of one-on-one mentoring, workshops and assistance in the use of some of the most top of the range filming and editing equipment in the business.

Following the launch, those involved will show their work at Millennium Square alongside the festivities of the Youth Film Festival, the Hyde Park Cinema and the HiFi club. And following the competition itself, the music videos will be shown as part of a yearly screening programme in conjunction and Short Circuits.

For details on how to apply, or to find out more information, visit