This is a review of "I'm Not Sorry" recorded by The Pigeon Detectives. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2006.

As the latest members of the Dance to the Radio revolution, The Pigeon Detectives are a wonderful example of all that is great and glorious about playing your guitar fast, loud and angular. Never mind detecting pigeons these boys know a thing or two about hunting out hooks. Both “I’m Not Sorry” and “I’m Always Right” are pop perfection with choruses that are bold enough to wander in to the hardest pub in Leeds, shout at the top of their voices “a white wine and soda please” and then still walk out with everyone as their mate. Sounding like The Editors meets Maximo Park meets Sham 69 and from the same stable as fellow Leeds boppers The Sunshine Underground this is a recipe so current it could be cooked by Gordon Ramsey. It’s not often that two songs on a 7” will leave you in a genuine quandary as to which one is the best, but who needs favourites when they’re both this ace? Dance to the radio? You’ll want to climb inside it.