This article was published in 2006.

West Yorkshire’s Timeless Music Project will be attending SXSW 2006 in Austin, Texas next week with a mission to promote the region’s vibrant music scene to the annual conference via a series of discussion groups and a CD sampler. The project follows on from the positive impact of the Social Enterprises' "Sounds From A Big Town" compilation and the annual Timeless Festival.

In collaboration with UK Trade and Investment/Yorkshire Forward, the promotional sampler - themed as “West Yorkshire record labels releasing West Yorkshire artists“ - includes the following bands and labels:

O Fracas (I Can Count Music)
The New Master sounds (One Note Records)
Kidkanevil & Testament (First Word)
four day Hombre (Alamo Records)
Kava Kava (Chocolate Fireguard)
This Et Al (Jealous Records)
The Electric Press (2020 Vision)
Piskie Sits (Wrath Records)
JD73 (Wax On)
Mary-Jane (Timeless Music Project)
Yes Boss (Dance To The Radio)
L Kareem (Integrity Beatz)
Buen Chico (Pure Wonder)
Chennai (Brutalize Records)
Slum Science (Hudd Traxx)