This is a review of "Find A Place EP" recorded by 5 O'clock Charlie. The review was written by Danny Martin in 2006.

Oh Jesus, Cast are back. No, honestly they are. Well a slightly tarnished, illegitimate son but you get the vague picture. Sickly vomit driven harmonies and glug, glug, lazy guitar melodies. No No No, pleeeeeaassse not second rate Britpop again, we had all too much of a struggle getting over the first wave, the remnants of the Roses flag-bearing days thankfully still in tact thanks pretty damn much to the monkey man and the blazing music scenes of the northern grime towns. But it's been sweat and toil for the lads and lasses at the forefront of the revolution, back in the day around 1996 there were more pisspot Britpop 4 chord scallies than my musical airgun could handle. Anyhow, the review.

A review pretty much written on the first bars is surely a piece if ugly, up its own arse bollocks, right? Well let’s conduct an experiment, first 30 seconds of first song “Something’s changed” in;

5 O'clock Charlie are everything I hoped had disintegrated in the last millennium. Cheesy basic guitar work over toned with smarmy, painful vocals. The tunes start as they mean to go on, classless and predictable. We are treated to various edgy guitar solos which permeate the ears alongside the odd shouty bit and the ever present, or should that be relentless, slushy melodies. The British music scene had done so much to drag its soul from this torrid, feckless pit, and Leeds continues to be a musical lantern, so this sort of can't be arsed, legless nonsense must stop.

Ok, Ok, arsey buggers. This is perhaps as harsh as death after so little chance was given for this EP to prove it isn’t the tired old has been I have labelled it with. Let me listen to the rest of the CD, get my rubber out and start again.

Mmmm, oh well no need, I am right after all.