This is a review of "As The Sun Sets" recorded by Pray For Hayden. The review was written by Danny Martin in 2006.

Post-hardcore, emo crushers Pray For Hayden are here to bleed you dry. I believe this natty little EP is a first, if so then it ain't a bad squeeze.

I bet live they are ace, as the sleaze driven guitar fires carelessly throughout the EP, backed only by some grimey, spitting vocals and the bruising skin canning. It’s all pretty damn neat and tidy, which is where the only slap on the wrist comes in really. Although solid, this EP is just a little predictable. Hundreds of others are walking this path, and many are doing it with more panache and treading virgin snow. Pray For Hayden seem to be leaching a bit off the hardcore punk heroes for whom their allegiances lie.

That niggle aside 3rd track “Don’t Panic” is a bloody ace mix of heavy metal vocal tirades and blazing tatty riffs. It needs buffing some to become an accomplished final article, or maybe it doesn’t? Maybe the rat-look scabby dog unclean finish is what the missing link is? As it is during these blemishes of chaotic abandom that you feel like Pray For Hayden are expressing themselves most. And perhaps this is where future projects must lay their bed.

Without any due hesitation these guys are definitely one to keep a sly eye on.

It is like listening to work in progress this EP, a glimmer of hope for a future sunset.