This is a review of "Doo Wop (Sugar So Sweet)" recorded by The Sugars. The review was written by Mark Gill in 2006.

Bands such as Arctic Monkeys may dispute that image isn’t everything, and whilst it certainly isn’t, it's always good to find a band who, in addition to writing first-rate songs, also have a good ol’ bash at looking damned good. The Sugars are that band. Image and music go hand in hand, and that certainly is not to take anything away from the songs on The Sugars’ debut single.

Looking rather like they’ve just stepped out of 1950s America, The Sugars also seem more influenced by classic 1950s rock n’roll records by the likes of Chuck Berry and Little Richard, with a bit of rock distortion thrown in.

‘Doo-Wop (Sugar So Sweet)’ has an excellent bluesy-rock riff, with interchanging vocals about love, sung with a lip-curl. It feels like the sort of song that should be played really rather loud, and is raucous in pretty much every way. At first the relative restrained chorus seemed rather out of character for this song but it’s rather nice to hear a blues-rock song where the chorus isn’t drowned in distortion, and the catchy guitar lead can be heard.

‘T.V.’ is audience participation friendly. You can stomp your feet, you can clap your hands, and I’m pretty sure you’ll catch onto the chorus’ lyrics, so you can also sing along. ‘T.V.’ is rock n’roll jiving music for the modern day that probably wouldn’t sound out of place in a Tarantino film.

There is no doubt that The Sugars have talent, and they ought to be praised for producing music different to everything else out there at the moment.

In ‘T.V.’ The Sugars tell us to “throw your TV out the window / love your record player.” If The Sugars can keep producing songs as good as this then they may well give enough people reason to.