This is a review of "Nature's Law" recorded by Embrace. The review was written by Luke Ramsden in 2006.

Poor Embrace. Faced with the fact underground success will never be theirs and the acceptance of those wimpy looking skinny kids in tight jeans being even further away, they sold their collective soul to Lucifer with middle management demeanour himself - Chris Martin. Embrace, with Coldplay cast-off in hand skipped off to the studio to record the tune that should give a big ‘fuck you’ to the underground and a big how do to the mainstream. To an extent it pretty well worked according to plan. Top 10 single with ‘Gravity’ and all that, so why is it Embrace still seem to be in this limbo between nationwide notoriety and worldwide nothing-oriety? Pfft. That’s Embrace's problem. If they’re trying to resolve it with ‘Natures Law’ unfortunately it appears they’ll fall short again. Being as it is ‘Gravity’ mark 2.0 but with less grandiose and less of everything that made ‘Gravity’ quite a nice little pop song. ‘Natures Law’ hits its peak on about the 5th listen mark before descending into the scary reality that is Embrace by numbers.