This article was published in 2006.

¡Forward, Russia! have this week announced the details of an album and single, both scheduled for release in the next couple of months. Having recently completed recording sessions with Paul Tipler the results are an 11-track album that will include their recent Top 40 single "Twelve".

The album - titled "Give Me A Wall" - will be released on Monday, 15th May on the Leeds-based Dance To The Radio record label.

Prior to the album, ¡Forward, Russia! will be releasing "Nine" on Monday 24th April on CD, 7" and Download formats. The track was originally available via a split single with This Et Al, and was subsequently re-recorded in October 2005. The B-side on all formats will be "One".

¡Forward, Russia! return from the SXSW festival to play MTV2's "Spanking New Music" event in Birmingham on Friday 24th March before heading out as tour support for We Are Scientists.

The tour arrives at Leeds Met University on Sunday 9th April.