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"Commercial music..." - How un-cool?!? But surely commercial means that it appeals to the widest possible selection of people." Indie" by contrast means the opposite - to appeal to an underground niche market. But how these boundaries have blurred in the past few years, with Indie music becoming all the more mainstream... in fashion as well as music. Rock music has never been in vogue... but it's always been there... lurking in the background and every once in a while being given a mainstream appearance... So what do Concrete Bullet do differently to most bands...?!? Well -to try and write great songs that will appeal to people... Melodies are prominent, but that doesn't mean they can't rock... Sure they could be as avant-garde as any hip underground indie band (if they wanted)... but the songs should be remembered when stripped to their barest essentials - melody and meaningful lyrics that are not cloaked in obscure references... So, with Sarah at the helm, and a hard driving backing band we have gone full throttle into delivering a host of powerful new rock songs... to compete head on with any current band and to grab the mainstream by the balls... Concrete Bullet... Coming to a show near you soon..