This is an archive of the band profile for SuB->TERROR<-NeA.

Dave - guitars, vocals, synths
Lee - guitars, vocals, synths, brass
John - bass, vocals
Calvin - drums

SuB->TERROR<-NeA was the idea of Dave, an 18 year old musician and general nutcase from Leeds. Greatly appreciating the works of bands such as Sunn O))), Earth, Thergothon, Xasthur, Thorr's Hammer and Burzum, he decided to create nihilistic blackened drone soundscapes as a one man project named "The Eternal Path".

After a few days, it was decided that more musicians were required, and so he was joined by Lee from Nil Carborundum, Calvin on drums, and John from The Real Al Qaida on bass.

SuB->TERROR<-NeA also incorporate elements of different sub-genres into their music, such as black metal, harsh noise, and ambient, while still keeping the tempo slowwwwwww.......