This is a review of "Get Dropped Quick" recorded by Yes Boss. The review was written by Holden DeForge in 2006.

The Dance To The Radio seal of quality gets yet more credibility with this debut release from Yes Boss. White people rapping with British accents is enough to have some people running scared from the stereo, quite right too in this case. People should be scared because Yes Boss have the desire to speak the truth and the lyrical smarts to do it with wit and intelligence. The seemingly endless stream of faceless, copycat Indie bands that have invaded planet earth are on the receiving end of MC Noah Brown's disenchantment: "really sick of hearing bad records, really sick of going to the same whack places, whack records, no black faces".

Gavin Lawson's electronic wizardry provides the musical base for the lyrical flow and aids the chorus in embedding itself in your head: "Having a laugh, you'll never get signed, get a job put it out of your mind, if you do you'll get dropped quick and the label's on to the next hot shit". This isn't an attack though, more some sage advice that will hopefully provoke thought and contemplation: "I ain't trying to inspire no hatred, that's not what I wanna see, but if you're gonna go dress like that, have some confidence G! Walking around with your head held down no wonder you're gonna get jacked, cos a lot of these kids ain't got no cash and that's the simple fact". This is music of positivity and quality that should garner many plaudits and hook people into Yes Boss' world of reality rather than much of the fantasy painted by other rap acts.

Yes Boss have managed to weave together a sing-along chorus with intelligent rapping and delivered it over a beat that's going to get people moving in the clubs. This is something the Indie Kids really should be afraid of, simply because musically and lyrically it's far more threatening to them than a kid in a baseball cap.