This is an archive of the band profile for Laboratory Noise.

Laboratory Noise formed in the winter of 2005 and are based in the city of Bradford. Taking influences from psychedelia, shoegaze, electronica and post-rock, they aim to create multi-layered effect driven soundscapes, underpinned by strong melodies.

The band is: Paul McNulty (guitars & vocals), Paul Griffin (guitars), Ben Cleverley (guitars), Adam Watson (synths), Andy Ramsden (drums & vocals), Dom Sheard (bass) & Kerry Allison (vocals & percussion).

In 2006 they provided the soundtrack to a short film by Jon Yeo called 'Beauty is the promise of happiness' which won the Promax Short Film Gold Award. In April 2007 Jon completed work on the first Laboratory Noise music video for the track 'You Created a Storm'.

The video can be found on the debut, 5 track EP 'Hope is a Waking Dream', self-released in October 2007 on their Recurring Accident label. The EP can be purchased on CD from the band website.

In 2007 the band provided the soundtrack to the Channel 4 documentary 'My Crazy Life: The boy who went to war', and have had songs appear on compilations for Mono, Soundpeople and the Timeless Project, as well as a Studio411 skateboarding DVD in the USA.

Live highlights include playing alongside iLiKETRAiNS, Asobi Seksu, Jeffrey Lewis, Longview, Insect Guide, Dufus, Falconetti, Downdime, I Concur, Glissando, Piskie Sits, the Lightshines, worriedaboutsatan, Laura Groves & many more.

After along time in the studio their debut LP, 'When Sound Generates Light', was released in June 2010 to favorable reviews. It was self-released on their own Recurring Accident label and distributed by Cargo Records.

To support the album they released two videos, ''She Dies Screaming" directed by Stuart Ramsey and "Things That Fall From The Sky" directed by Paul MIller. Both can be found on their website and YouTube channel.

In 2011 they appeared on award winning BBC documentary 'Sound It Out' about the last remaining record shop in Teesside.

After gigging to support the album they had a brief hiatus while they rebuilt their own studio and began to practice new songs.

In 2012 they returned to the studio to record the new tracks, the first batch of which forms the new FREE to download EP "The Devil Lays The Longest Path", released in February 2013 and available via bandcamp.

They will perform a one off gig on the 9th of February to support the new songs and will then return to the studio to record the rest of the new tracks for their second album..