This is an archive of the band profile for Far From The Dance.

Far From The Dance really are a live act to be reckoned with. Having formed through mutual friends at school in the late nineties a mission was embarked upon with the ultimate goal of exposing the world to their music. This mission is undoubtedly soon to be fulfilled.

Drawing influence from whoever they deem fit, from the Chemical Brothers to Nick Cave, in order to create a sound that encapsulates the listener yet remains uncompromising, this five piece from Huddersfield West Yorkshire, have a clear image and a strong message which is imparted to the audience through a set of impressive songs.

Since their gigging career began in 1998 as 14/15 year old school friends Far From The Dance (formerly Serotonin) have clocked up over 250 live shows locally.

The band’s live experience, coupled with their shared experiences as individuals make for a very tight unit which is capable of energetic, powerful live shows that are highly entertaining. This assertion was indeed the view of Manchester Music Scene who reviewed a recent Far From The Dance show:

"With Far From The Dance, there is nothing out of place. The band look and sound the part reeling off quality songs after quality song with plenty of gusto and presence. Having all the right ingredients in place Far From The Dance must be going places. To witness an unsigned act of this quality is highly spiriting. If there are any examples to go by then some really ought to give up now."

Having consciously shielded themselves from higher profile gigs the band are now ready to take the UK gig circuit by storm with their original music and live show..