This is an archive of the band profile for Window Right, The.

Matt Littlewood - guitars, loops, laptops, synth
Antony Smith - bass, loops, laptops, synth
Neil Atkinson - Drums

Formed in Huddersfield. After continuous sessions, the band incorporated influences such as Jazz, Krautrock and Electronica into what is now their own sound. By the beginning 2005, The Window Right had released the self-titled two-track instrumental demo, which they recorded live, engineered, produced and mixed in their rehearsal room on a Roland VS1824 Workstation.Shortly after the release of the demo, a live set was showcased at venues in Manchester, Huddersfield and Leeds to ever-growing, enthusiastic crowds. A new demo is due for release shortly, which will encapsulate the bands' thirst for a developed and complex sound. In the meantime, The Window Right continue to write new material and showcase their existing works to live audiences..