This is a review of "In A Space Outta Sound" recorded by Nightmares On Wax. The review was written by Mark Casci in 2006.

Nightmares on Wax are one of Leeds’ most beloved institutions – particularly among those with a certain predilection for a certain form of naturally growing intoxicants. The revolving door of musicians and contributors has rolled out a series of classic grooves over the year, providing late night entertainment bliss for generations of post night-out conversations.

This time round NOW team have added new dimensions and new dynamics to their oeuvre, bringing in reggae tinges to their laid back grooves. The trade back dreamy vocals are all present and correct as usual and each tune segues beautifully into each other, giving Mr and Mrs Stoner a whole new dreamy soundtrack to fill their lazy Sunday afternoon. The Sweetest mixes echo drenched drum patterns, while soulful notes intermingle with heavenly vocals.

This latest offering builds further on their already sterling reputation for chilled out sonic excellence and justifiably cements their position as the UK, possibly even the world’s, premier purveyors of laid back hip-hop. And on the face of this record, I suggest they change their name to Beautiful Dreams on Wax, as there is no sign of a nightmare here whatsoever.