This is a review of "The Treatment" recorded by Dead Disco. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2006.

Pouting their way on to the scene like a Vidal Sassoon advert Dead Disco release their debut The Treatment on High Voltage Sounds. As ones who certainly could not be scene ... sorry, Freudian slip ... seen to be missing out on the current vogue the band are of course sticking to a limited 7”, well who isn’t darling? Female fronted rock is rarely dangerous and Dead Disco are no exception sticking to a fairly comfortable and sprightly formula. The Treatment sounds like Transvision Vamp or The Bangles with The Killers' producer attempting to capture the spirit of Blondie. You will shake your little butt at the dance floor and clap your hands and say yeah to its pop tones, but pop it is and as quickly as it pops into your head it will pop right back out again - no harm in that!