This is a review of "What Time Do You Call This?" recorded by The Lost 45s UK. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2006.

The Lost 45s UK nobly continue their campaign to make beat music a force to be reckoned with on this long awaited debut album. After several EPs and singles the band have re-worked / re-recorded some of their earlier material and presented them in an altogether tighter package. Occasionally the production values don’t do the craft justice with vocals sounding a little too reedy for the modern ear but beyond this, for the most part the band deals out a 12 song lesson in sharp mod/pop. Sound wise the pieces have begun falling into place and rather than sounding like a tribute band jumping between homages, the band have now developed their own style, instead evoking memories of The Beatles, early solo Weller, and The Coral amongst others. Ivy is still just as amusing and Russian Roulette now sounds all the better for being a little more twisted. We Were Storming is a real highlight and catches the band on top form. Excellent guitar interplay and well worked backing vocals show the bands strengths off like a Top-Trumps winning formula: what have you got? Tambourine wielding beat… how about you?