This is an archive of the band profile for Your New Antique.

Jay - guitar/vox
Rob - guitar/vox
Foni - bass
Ben - drums

"A friend once described Huddersfield to me, 'everything is beige. The people, the weather, even the bloody bricks'. That was his opinion, but for hometown heroes Your New Antique, Huddersfield is a dark place."

YNA have been described as "Melodic Alt. Rock", delivering killer hooks with feverish speed, beguiling power and an expansive sound palette. Dark yet endearing lyrics supplied by deep, baritone vocals, distinct harmonies and thunderous rhythm complete YNA's captivating noise.

Drawing from influences such as Joy Division, Mogwai, Interpol, Radiohead and The National, YNA conjured their own battle plan: Go out, all guns blazing, equipped with their musicality, strong sense of melody and an added dash of audacity.

After several years of gigging, writing, drinking and tomfoolery, they drew the attention of label "The Animal Farm" in London. Now YNA are preparing to release three singles this year with their new home...

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