This is a review of "Underneath the Skin" recorded by The Cut. The review was written by Maria Pinto-Fernandes in 2006.

There is a marked progression between this record and the last supreme effort, ‘Walking Lonely Streets’: not only does the sound quality seem to fare far better, but it is in the musical arrangements and lyrics that the band truly prove their longevity.

Personally, it’s all in the vocals of Alex Kresenski. Of course the talented musicianship behind him only adds to his performance, but the passion that rises up through him into his singing is impossible to contrive out of instruments. Opener ‘Last Dance’: ‘You’re caught in the middle/ There’s nowhere to run from here’. A testament to life itself, is it not?

I though that the previous record was a decent CD; with ‘Underneath the Skin’, The Cut demonstrated they have so much more and in half the amount of tracks: fantastic. Quickly buy this gem before it sells out.