This is a review of "Enemies of Fate" recorded by The Black Hawk War. The review was written by Mark Shahid in 2006.

Minimal packaging, minimal production but respectable never-the-less. The Black Hawk War feature a fairly convincing drum machine and a sound that plods along slowly, full of ugly guitars. A balled comes in the pleasant form of “Seekers”, a major step up on production values from the rest of the CD and a flashback of the Chili Peppers (circa. 1991). One of the five tracks on this CD falls just over 11 minutes – perhaps a brave attempt at an epic or proving self-worth. However, the nasty DIY production pulls back the (accomplished) sound, not to mention the undernourished guitars and undefined harmonies.

The Black Hawk War is a group I’d love to hear with full honest production and a ‘real’ drummer perhaps. You may find yourself coming back to their record if they make another one and take more care. I guess perfection awaits.