This is a review of "This Is A Calling" recorded by Soberskin. The review was written by Mark Shahid in 2006.

This is electro-indie with a bit more indie than the electro. Classic “first tack on demo” sounding, it has balls and insists on dragging you in and making you listen. Soberskin present heavy guitars, synthesizers and dance beats (on a rock kit, of course) topped off with a vocalist you could very easily get bored of.

A few bands can be heard through these three tracks, including the reverb-doused guitars of U2 and the “lets have fun with synths” of Soulwax or The Killers. The vocals may not be to the taste of many (including me) but appears to be an integral part of the Soberskin sound. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a Soft Cell side project which nobody had told me about.