This is a review of "Nine" recorded by ¡Forward, Russia!. The review was written by Luke Ramsden in 2006.

Nine is in essence the most beautifully crafted shizstorm of noise and melody smouldering together you could ever hope for. A shiny new re-recording of the most unashamedly poppy number in ¡Forward, Russia!’s repertoire heralds in the imminent debut album ‘Give Me A Wall’ and as a shot in the arm to the music buying public ‘Nine’ is just what the doctor ordered. Deservedly so, a mainstay on the NME chart and surely a second Top 40 smash hit, ‘Nine’ frantically slams through at least half a dozen different time signatures in its 4 minutes of art-pop-punk majesty. Being the only ¡Forward, Russia! track where the chorus can actually be bellowed out at full blast while using the correct lyrics is a refreshing factor and while you may think you (almost) get the lyrical content during the chorus and tales of “Hemmingway” and the “River Nile”, when vocalist Tom and drummer Katie start swapping cries of “Conjuncture” during the immense breakdown, the plot is finally lost but that is what the point is not. No matter how many times you’ve heard it. Still pure genius.