This is a review of "Let Her Go" recorded by The Lodger. The review was written by Nick Kearns in 2006.

Irrepressible Indie-Pop upstarts The Lodger return to the recorded arena after a brief sojourn writing songs and making badges to showcase a rather fine pair of well-penned ditties. “Let Her Go” bounds along with effervescent glee, as guitars and drums race against each other before cavorting into a summery hum-a-thon of a chorus, complete with a smashing bit of trumpet. Well decent. Calling to mind the spirit of The Boo Radleys “Wake Up Boo” (come on, we all liked listening to it on the way to school/work) with the attitude of early Blur, “Let Her Go” will foist itself upon you with spirited abandon.

“We Come From The Same Place” is the second title on the release, and continues in the same swashbuckling manner as its predecessor, building up from a repetitive single-chord intro into a soaring chorus that will amble around in your memory for days on end.

Ace, mint, skill or whatever other adjectives you’d like to throw at it, this release is perfect accompaniment for the (not too distant) summer months. Barbeques, beer gardens, football in the park, jumpers for goalposts… a bit of Lodger on the stereo? Back of the net.