This is a review of "Health & Safety" recorded by Being 747. The review was written by Maria Pinto-Fernandes in 2006.

L’avant-garde, j’adore ça! Being 747’s LP smacks with all of the enthusiasm one could only come to expect from a Leeds band born from the demise of Landspeed Loungers and siblings of The Scaramanga Six.

As every music lover worth their salt knows the opening track can be everything and with this principle applied to ‘Health & Safety’, this is one band who’ve knocked it on the head. ‘Strangers Have Never Been Stranger’ is a lovely, heart-warming and beautiful testament to our society rapidly descending into sheer madness as the world turns weird. However, Dave Cooke et al remind us that this is no bad thing, like who’d want a normal life anyway? Not these guys.

‘Circuits and Wires’ is fantastic, the same template as a million other songs but with that unique twist of Being 747 because of course not many Alternative Pop bands write about Physics with lines like ‘She unscrewed my head like a jar’. Hmmm, never tried that one thanks lads (!).

‘Stuart’ is the most enchanting real-life lament of a man who once enjoyed a relationship with the ‘confident and strong’ Helen. He was known by his ‘pogo-ing motion’ yet ended up living as a recluse. Although the track is written without a pretence or fairy-tale stance, he really strikes a chord with me here as I can name but a few people like Stuart.

I could ramble on about more tracks featured on ‘Health & Safety’, but there really is no need for this is a band who over the course of a couple of years together have found their musical niche, yet aren’t going to stray away from it. Some songs you’ll find here are full-blown attacks of the guitars; others a more poppy affair; and some that are plain quiet and reflective. But importantly, they’re all magnificent products of an intangible musical craftsmanship.