This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Far From The Dance. The review was written by Thom Baseley in 2006.

This  3 track E.P. from the former Serotonin boys sees the Yorkshire based 5-piece continue with the electronica infused space rock that  made a name for themselves under the former title. This release shows a great deal of progression from previous demos, and shows a lot more of a mature, more well rounded sound to the new material. Instead of the almost self indulgent moments which sometimes overshadowed previous songs, there now seems to be greater thought into the song-writing.

Opening track "Don't give it up" displays the bands unique sound, with Programming/ sampling wizard Nick playing an absolute blinder. The samples cut in and out, amongst the distorted guitars and pounding drums. You could see this song going down very well with the crowd in a live setting.

Second track, "Self help provider" shows the bands incredible talent for song-writing. The song is beautifully layered, and the lush textures on the instrumentation really give incredible depth to the song. My only real gripe with the song is that it could really do with an anthemic chorus to capitalise on what is built up through the Verse and bridge. Still a brilliant song, and I could really see the arpeggiated notes of the intro being met with cheers from an expectant crowd at a major festival in the not so distant future.

Final Track "It never stops" is a very reflective and chilled out song which ends the E.P. perfectly. Again, I would say that the song never really goes anywhere, and could do with a chorus which really reflects where the verses and bridges are building up to. Still a great song to soundtrack a warm mid-summers day.

All in all this E.P. shows the band are really pushing for the limelight, and the recognition they deserve. For those who like their music intelligent and forward thinking  I strongly recommend this E.P.