This is a review of "Smash Hits / Jackie Wright" recorded by The Playmates. The review was written by Luke Ramsden in 2006.

The Playmates just reek of scuzz. They’ve got scuzz seeping out of every orifice. They‘ve got scuzz in places you don‘t even have places. Alongside the obnoxious attitude of the down and dirty power posters they haven’t quite hit the mark song-wise. Until now. ‘Smash Hits’ is the song that should put The Playmates on the map. Definitely up there with the Top 5 local singles of the year thus far. ‘Smash Hits’ has all the hallmarks of a band that have really found their feet.

The opening frenetic, shuddering guitar riff opens into a more bass-backed solo and then (as the PR so eloquently puts it) “gobshite rabble rouser” Mr Neil takes the lead and at his vitriolic best unfurls the perils of the music industry “Where were you a year ago? Playing in a band, sleeping with your left hand” and self-aggrandisers his band to an altogether ideas above their station or perhaps tongue in cheek level with -  “We’re the band for everyone to live for, we’re the band you can’t ever ignore”. But whatever the case a great song.

B-side ‘Jackie Wright’ has a bit more of a power punk feel about it and still contains a monster hook in the chorus together with a chorus of ‘Ooooo’s to great effect. Just to cap it off, an amusing if not wholly comfortable 1990’s Europop remix of the title track finishes off the 3 tracker with aplomb.

Vitriolic, urgent and with attitude to spare. The Playmates continue to impress.