This is a review of "Candidate / Job In London" recorded by Decoration. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2006.

Northern new-jangle masters Decoration continue their campaign to catch the eye of the world with another release from their excellent debut album. Strictly speaking “Candidate” is not on the album but having been originally used on the bands eponymous Thomas Pink session demo and as an early B-side it will be familiar enough to fans of the band. Despite this “re-release” the track still bristles with energy and thump, big drums adding the required beef absent from the early demo version. “Job In London” is an indie songwriting triumph straight from the pages of “How to triumph in indie songwriting”. Start on an air of despondency and despair before leaping to your feet with a towering wall of churning and chiming guitar... just like uncle Marr and uncle Gedge used to write them. Any song that tells a tale of not understanding the attraction of London as the place to be should be worn as a musical badge and handed out at the southbound Watford Gap services so that it might save a few more souls.